White Opal Tumbled Stone

White Opal Tumbled Stone


  • Brand: France Minerals
  • Type: Tumbled Stone
  • Type of Stone: White Opal
  • Tumbled Stone Size: between 2 cm and 5 cm
  • Note: Sold individually

Are you an individual or professional? Discover the White Opal Tumbled Stones

Description of the White Opal Tumbled Stones

Used for 10 000 years, the White Opal has many virtues, especially energetic. The White Opal Tumbled Stones allows you to get the same benefits as this natural stone. Whether for personal or professional use, especially in the case of consultations for therapists, you can choose the quantity you wish to receive. The Tumbled Stones offered are all the result of a rigorous selection in order to offer you the assurance of a natural and quality stone.

As such, many virtues in lithotherapy are conferred to these White Opal Tumbled Stones. Both mental and physical, we invite you to discover them below. If you would like more specific information, please do not hesitate to contwork one of our specialist lithotherapy consultants, who will share its knowledge with you.

In addition to these virtues, we suggest you discover which Zodiac signs the White Opal Stone is perfectly associated with, which Chakras it optimises, and finally what is its cleaning process.

Virtues of the White Opal Tumbled Stones in lithotherapy

Virtues of the White Opal Tumbled Stones on the mental level

The virtues of this White Opal Tumbled Stones concerning the mental level vary according to the varieties:

  • the Common Opal: calming and soothing effects
  • the Noble Opal: effect on the balance of energies
  • the Ethiopian Opal: treatment of nervous system disorders, nervous and mental instability and the state of sadness
  • the Andean Opal: treatment of emotional wounds

Virtues of White Opal Tumbled Stones on the physical level

The White Opal Tumbled stones have the following physical virtues:

  • purifies the blood, the kidneys
  • facilitates childbirth
  • alleviates premenstrual syndrome
  • aphrodisiac effects
  • develops the senses
  • aids digestion and facilitates sleep

Zodiac signs corresponding to the White Opal Tumbled Stones

  • The natives of Cancer, Capricorn, Pisces, Gemini, Aquarius and Virgo have a special connection to Opal.

Chakra corresponding to the White Opal Tumbled Stones

  • The Crown Chakra and the Medium Chakra are particularly related to the Opal. In this way creativity is fostered and interactions with the other world are sensitive.
  • The White Opal is used to create positive vibrations and balance the Chakras, bringing joy, clarity and intuition.

Maintenance of White Opal Tumbled Stones

  • Opal is purified with distilled salt water.
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