Moonstone Pebble

Moonstone Pebble


  • Brand: France Minerals
  • Type: Pebble
  • Type of Stone: Moonstone
  • Pebble size: between 3 cm and 5 cm

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Description of the Moonstone Pebble

The Moonstone Pebble is part of the orthosis family, minerals that belong to the silicates group. Albite, a mineral of the feldspar family, is also used in the composition of Moonstone. The Moonstone owes its name to its opaline reflections, which are not unlike the brightness of the Moon. The most popular Moonstone have a characteristic shimmer under their surface. This rather fragile Stone is resistant to shocks. It is offered here in the form of Pebbles. These Moonstone Pebbles, placed with tumbled stones in barrels, are polished without human intervention. The deposits that later gave rise to Moonstone Pebbles are numerous. The most remarkable are in Armenia, but other sites in India, Sri Lanka, Austria and the United States contain significant quantities of Moonstone. Known by other names since ancient times, Moonstone protected Egyptians travelling at night and had many Virtues in ancient Ceylon. Associated with the Earth’s satellite whose name it bears, this Stone was chosen by Florida to symbolise the passage of man on the Moon.

Virtues of the Moonstone Pebble in Litho Therapy

Virtues of the Moonstone Pebble in Litho Therapy

  • The Moonstone Pebbles tend to calm the mind. They promote intuitive feelings and strengthen self-confidence. Moonstone Pebbles also help to calm anxiety and worry. It is the Stone of altruism and openness to others, which promotes harmony and reconciliation.

Virtues of the Moonstone Pebble on the physical level

  • Les Moonstone Pebbles act on hormones. They provide many benefits to pregnant women, including improved lactation. Moonstone Pebbles also prevent problems during menstruation. They also have an effect on the skin and hair.

Zodiac Signs corresponding to Moonstone Pebble

  • The Zodiac Signs most often associated with Moonstone Pebbles are those of Cancer, Capricorn and Pisces.

Chakra corresponding to the Moonstone Pebble

  • Moonstone Pebbles act primarily on the Chakra of the Solar Plexus.

Moonstone Pebble maintenance

  • Moonstone Pebbles can be distilled in distilled water. It must then be well dried.
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