Amethyst Pebble

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Amethyst Pebble


  • Brand: France Minéraux
  • Type: Pebble
  • Type of Stone: Amethyst
  • Pebble size: between 4 cm and 7 cm

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Description of the Amethyst Pebble

The Amethyst Pebble is for all individuals or even therapists (magnetisers, energeticians, kinesiologists, etc.) who need the Virtues of this Stone. You can also choose this beautiful Stone to decorate your office or a living space. Keep it close to you and take full advantage of it Virtues.

Virtues of the Amethyst Pebble in Lithotherapy

Virtues of the Amethyst Pebble in mental terms

  • Develops letting go
  • Develops meditation
  • Develops clairvoyance
  • Develops creativity, imagination
  • Develops spirituality
  • Expels fear and uncertainty
  • Expels pain and negativity

Virtues of the Amethyst Pebble on the physical level in Lithotherapy

  • Develops renewal
  • Develops soothing
  • Develops energy body purification
  • Develops peace
  • Develops restorative sleep
  • Dissipates anger
  • Dissipates headaches

Corresponding Zodiac Signs Amethyst Pebble

  • Capricorn, Pisces, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Virgo

Chakra corresponding to Amethyst Pebble

  • Crown

Maintenance of the Amethyst Pebble

  • Place it into spring water for at least 3 hours and in the dark.
  • Recharge it by placing it under a full Moon.
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