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Red Jasper Pendant – Tube


  • Brand: France Minéraux
  • Type: Pendant
  • Type of stone: Red Jasper
  • Type of pendant: Tube
  • Dimensions: ≈ Height. 4 cm x Length. 1 cm

Type of chain:

  • Steel Chain n°1 – Length. 45 cm
  • Steel Chain n°2 – Length. 45/50/55 cm
  • Silver Chain 925 – Length. 40/45/50/55/60 cm
  • Golden Chain – Length. 60 cm
  • Gold Plated Chain 750 – Length. 40/45/50/55/60 cm

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Red Jasper Pendant – Shape: Tube

Description of the Red Jasper Tube Pendant

Each Red Jasper Pendant is chosen individually by France Minéraux to be sure to guarantee the quality of its jewellery. They are all carefully selected one by one, carefully, to confirm that they are quality Stones and perfectly fitted frames. In addition to their superb design, these Red Jasper Pendants fully offer the Stone Virtues in Litho Therapy. Each of these Virtues can then work in direct contact with the skin and can be increased tenfold through it. For more information on the Virtues of Red Jasper Stone, you can go directly to the appropriate ‘Stone Virtues’ section.

With its superb colours, the Red Jasper Pendant blends very well with solid colours. It can also be combined with colour blends to let the magnificent colours that make it shine through. If you need advice on how to associate your Red Jasper with a garment or other items, do not hesitate to contact the France Minéraux team. One of our advisors will be pleased to answer you and guide you in your choice.

Benefits of the Red Jasper Tube Pendant in Litho Therapy

Benefits of the Red Jasper Pendant in Litho Therapy mental level

  • Balance pain
  • Gives strength and courage
  • Development of self-esteem
  • Development of the inner self
  • Reinforces self-esteem
  • Incitement to meditation

Benefits of the Red Jasper Pendant on the physical level in Litho Therapy

  • Strengthens viewpoints
  • Development of creativity
  • Accentuation of communication
  • Regulates body temperature
  • Offers Dynamism and vitality

Zodiac Signs corresponding to the Red Jasper Pendant

  • Leo
  • Libra
  • Virgo

Chakra corresponding to the Red Jasper Pendant

  • Frontal

Maintenance of the Red Jasper Tube Pendant

  • Immerse the Red Jasper in distilled salt water to purify it
  • Put the Red Jasper in the sun on a Quartz Mass in full sun to recharge it
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Weight15 g

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