Emerald Pendant – Tumbled Stone

Emerald Pendant – Tumbled Stone


  • Brand: France Minerals
  • Type: Pendant
  • Type of stone: Emerald
  • Type of pendant: Tumbled Stone
  • Dimensions: ≈ Height. 2.5 cm x Length. 1.5 cm

Type of chain:

  • Steel Chain n°1 – Length. 45 cm
  • Steel Chain n°2 – Length. 45/50/55 cm
  • Silver Chain 925 – Length. 40/45/50/55/60 cm
  • Golden Chain – Length. 60 cm
  • Gold Plated Chain 750 – Length. 40/45/50/55/60 cm

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Emerald Pendant – Shape: Tumbled Stone

Description of the Emerald Tumbled Stone Pendant

Emerald is a precious Stone from ancient traditions. Carefully polished to obtain a tumbled appearance for a Pendant, the jewel has a sublime aspect that brings a touch of refinement to your person.

A stone of secret knowledge and occult sciences, the Emerald does not support the cohabitation with other stones. If combined, it loses all its virtues (except with diamonds). It is therefore advisable to store it in a special place, away from other minerals.

Virtues of the Emerald Tumbled Stone Pendant in lithotherapy

Virtues of the Emerald Tumbled Stone Pendant in mental terms

  • The Emerald Tumbled Stone Pendant is known for its stimulating virtue of intuitive memory and psychic abilities. It is a stone that promotes clairvoyance and emotional harmony. It brings peace and inner calm. It also promotes the gifts of clairvoyance and extrasensory perception. Worn as a jewel, it confers to its holder the vibratory energy necessary to overcome every difficult situation.

Virtues of the Emerald Tumbled Stone Pendant on the physical level

  • The Emerald is a proven stimulator of physical and intellectual development. Its effectiveness is increased greatly when combined with Diamond. The Emerald Tumbled Stone Pendant has highly beneficial properties for the eyes. It boosts memory and protects against blood diseases. It boosts the energy of the pancreas and has a purgative effect on the liver. This stone is seen as a mineral of prosperity and self-realisation.

Zodiac Signs corresponding to the Emerald Tumbled Stone Pendant

  • The Emerald Tumbled Stone is associated with the Signs of Libra, Capricorn, Cancer, Taurus. Associated element: earth. Associated planet: Venus.

Chakra corresponding to the Emerald Tumbled Stone Pendant

  • The Emerald Stone worn as a Pendant works particularly on the Heart Chakra to calm emotions and ward off any forms of negativity. Moreover the Emerald promotes a perfect alignment between all the Chakras, with its qualities of renewal.

Maintenance of the Emerald Tumbled Stone Pendant

  • The maintenance of the Stone is done with distilled water without adding salt, with sun. The Emerald absorbs little negative energy. It’s not advised to do purifications very often.
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