Dark serpentine pendant – Tumbled stone

Dark serpentine pendant – Tumbled stone


  • Brand: France Minerals
  • Type of jewelry : Pendant
  • Type of stone : Dark serpentine
  • Type of pendant : Rolled stone
  • Dimensions: ≈ Height. 2.5cm x Width. 1.5cm

Type of string:

  • 45 cm chain – Steel
  • 60 cm chain – Silver 925
  • 60 cm chain – 18 carat gold

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Dark serpentine pendant – Shape : Tumbled stone

Description of the dark serpentine pendant in tumbled stone

The dark serpentine pendant in rolled stone is a mineral that belongs to the group of silicates. It is part of the Monoclinic crystalline system. Also known as ophite or ophiolite, serpentine stone has a translucent shape that has a green color. It has a fibrous and silky texture. Its name in Latin means stone snake. During antiquity, serpentine stone was recommended for the manufacture of seals and stamps. The Romans used it to make vases or glasses. In New Zealand, Maori use snake stone to decorate their necklaces and bracelets. India is renowned for its pure serpentines. Its inhabitants made various goldsmith’s items such as jewellery but also daggers, sword handles or kitchen instruments.

Very resistant to heat, the rolled stone serpentine pendant was also used as insulation. Nowadays, serpentine stone is mainly used in jewellery, in the creation of jewellery. It is also used in lithotherapy for its many therapeutic properties. The most important deposits of serpentine stone are found in Russia, Great Britain, Italy, Zimbabwe, the United States and Norway. Deposits are also present in France in the regions of Isère, Aveyron, Limousin or Haute-Vienne.

Power of the dark stone serpentine pendant tumbled in lithotherapy

Powers of the mentally dark serpentine pendant in lithotherapy

  • The serpentine pendant rolled stone has many psychological powers. It has protective properties by helping the mind to relax. It reduces stress, thus providing calm and relaxation. Snapping stone also helps to achieve a high level of spirituality. Finally, it provides a sense of courage when faced with complicated situations.

Power of the physically dark serpentine pendant in lithotherapy

  • Serpentine stone also provides physical benefits to its wearer. Indeed, it eliminates headaches. It provides a digestive well-being. It is also effective at the heart level. Finally, it helps to reduce all muscle tensions.

Zodiac signs corresponding to the dark serpentine pendant

  • Scorpion, gemini and fish are the astrological signs that correspond to the serpentine stone.

Chakra corresponding to the dark serpentine pendant

  • The serpentine pendant harmonizes the heart chakra.

Maintenance of the dark rolled stone serpentine pendant

  • The serpentine stone is purified in water. It is recharged in the sun.
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