Lemon Topaz Necklace – 10 mm Bead

Lemon Topaz Necklace – 10 mm Bead


  • Brand: France Minerals
  • Type: Necklace
  • Type of Stone: Lemon Topaz
  • Type of pearl: Beads
  • Bead Size: 10mm

Type of clasp and thread:

  • Without Clasp – Elastic Thread
  • Silver Clasp 925 – Steel Thread
  • 14-carat Gold Clasp – Copper Thread

Lemon Topaz Necklace made of 10 mm Beads

Description of the Lemon Topaz Necklace made of 10 mm Beads

Composed of 10 mm Lemon Topaz Beads of diameter mounted on an alloy or silver, copper or zinc, the 10 mm Lemon Topaz Necklace is specially made to illuminate the clothing of any woman and give it a touch of refinement. It can be bought alone, in bulk or as a complement with other jewels contained in a Lemon Topaz Gift Set made of 10 mm Beads. Lemon Topaz, classified as a fine stone, is chemically made of aluminium fluosilicate and its name, whose source is a little uncertain, is believed to come from the Sanskrit word ” tupas ” which means ” fire ” or from the island Topazos located in the Red Sea. Very hard stone but easily breakable, this crystal is yellow in colour and owes its colour to the presence of certain metals that compose it. It is found in several places in the world but more specifically in Mozambique, Nigeria, Mexico, Madagascar, Brazil…

Topaz has been mined since antiquity and was nicknamed ” the golden stone ” because it would attract gold. Many writings have spoken of it, notably the Bible where it was cited as the stone given to Saint Matthew to bring clairvoyance to dark hearts. The Egyptians loved it and used it as an amulet. For the Greeks and Romans, however, it was supposed to give them strength and the ability to be invisible. According to a legend, King Gyges had a magic ring made of Topaz and emerald with incantations that they uttered on many occasions to become invisible. Many other civilizations used it for its multiple virtues, such as the Chinese doctors to strengthen the heart, the Chinese for good health, etc.

Virtues of the Lemon Topaz Necklace made of 10 mm Beads in lithotherapy

Virtues of the Lemon Topaz Necklace on the mental level

  • Like all gems, lemon topaz has many benefits. Having a Lemon Topaz Necklace 10 mm Beads or a Lemon Topaz Gift Set made of 10 mm Beads, allows the wearer to develop many qualities and to recharge spiritually. It makes one more optimistic, strengthens self-confidence and confidence in one’s abilities, and develops charisma. It attracts wealth and prosperity. It also allows one to take up many challenges and brings glory and recognition from one’s peers.

Virtues of the Lemon Topaz Necklace on the physical level

  • For thousands of years, its virtues have made it a very appreciated stone. It was used to reduce or dissipate visual disorders as well as hearing problems. It revitalizes the blood system and makes the blood more fluid. It has a very powerful action on many organs such as the liver, lungs, kidneys, gall bladder… Stone with soothing powers, it allows to have a restful and restorative sleep, facilitates digestion and strengthens the body.

Zodiac signs corresponding to the Lemon Topaz Necklace

  • This magnificent stone would be perfect for everyone but those who will benefit the most are the natives of the following astrological signs: Cancer, Leo and Scorpio.

Chakra corresponding to the Lemon Topaz Necklace

  • Having a Lemon Topaz stone in one’s possession would allow to activate the energetic functions of the Solar Plexus chakra.

Maintenance of the Lemon Topaz Necklace made of 10 mm Beads

  • To enjoy Lemon Topaz for a long time, it is necessary to keep it far from water, from any source of light and to avoid any type of shock and corrosive products. However one can clean it with warm water and soap with a toothbrush, rinse it well and recharge it on Rock Crystal.
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