Multicoloured Fluorite Bracelet – 12 mm Bead

Multicoloured Fluorite Bracelet – 12 mm Bead


  • Brand: France Minerals
  • Type: Bracelet
  • Type of Stone: Multicoloured Fluorite
  • Type of pearl: Beads
  • Bead Size: 12mm

Type of clasp and thread:

  • Without Clasp – Elastic Thread
  • Silver Clasp 925 – Steel Thread
  • 14-carat Gold Clasp – Copper Thread

Multicoloured Fluorite Bracelet made of 12 mm Beads

Description of the Multicoloured Fluorite Bracelet made of 12 mm Beads

The 12 mm Multicoloured Fluorite Bracelet is the embodiment of the know-how and expertise of our teams. Fluorite is a natural and semi-transparent stone with many virtues. It is considered to be the most colourful crystal in the world because it reflects the entire colour spectrum and changes colour according to luminosity. Among the wide variety of Fluorites, Multicoloured Fluorite is the most eye-catching. Its incredible beauty has been admired since ancient times. In the Middle Ages, it was carved to make ornaments and precious objects. It symbolized the Third Eye, as it was considered to improve intuition and develop critical thinking.

Wear the Multicoloured Fluorite Bracelet of 12 mm Beads to add more sparkle to your style. The stones that were used to make it were chosen for their quality and appearance. Each bead has been cut by hand, giving your bracelet an incredibly delicate look, as we are committed to providing you with quality products above all else. The assembly too has been handcrafted to avoid defects and faults. In addition, the Multicoloured Fluorite Bracelet allows you to benefit from the properties of Multicoloured Fluorite wherever you go.

Three lengths of bracelet are offered in our online shop: a 18 cm bracelet (formed by about 15 beads), a 20 cm (formed by about 17 beads) and a 22 cm (formed by about 19 beads). Delivered in a satin pouch, your Multicoloured Fluorite Bracelet in 12 mm Beads is available with different possibilities of closures: without clasp, with gold clasp or with silver clasp. If, however, you would like to acquire a fully personalised bracelet, please note that we are at your disposal. You can also contact us if you have any questions about the 12 mm Multicoloured Fluorite Bracelet.

Virtues of the Multicoloured Fluorite Bracelet made of 12 mm Beads in lithotherapy

Virtues of the Multicoloured Fluorite Bracelet on the mental level

  • Multicolor Fluorite soothes feelings of anxiety and fear. It fights against states of anger and sadness. It brings calm and concentration to dispelled minds. It erases disorder and instability. It helps to overcome blockages, confers greater impartiality and increases the sense of justice. Multicoloured fluorite offers great protection to the psyche, especially against harmful influences, and even accelerates spiritual awakening. It absorbs negative energies. This serenity stone is useful during meditation sessions.

Virtues of the Multicoloured Fluorite Bracelet on the mental level

  • Harmony stone, Multicoloured Fluorite is known to balance the body and mind, purifying them. It supports the immune system and detoxifies it. It strengthens the cardiac system, fights hyper-tension problems as well as discomfort. This healing stone has a beneficial effect on the skin and teeth. It alleviates wounds. It improves the growth of bones and strengthens them. It has a positive effect on the nervous and vascular system.

Zodiac signs corresponding to the Multicoloured Fluorite Bracelet

  • Natives of the signs of Aquarius, Libra, Taurus, Pisces and Capricorn are particularly receptive to the effects of the Multicoloured Fluorite Bracelet.

Chakra corresponding to the Multicoloured Fluorite Bracelet

  • Spiritual awakening stone, the Multicolored Fluorite is connected to the Seventh chakra, the Crown chakra.

Maintenance of the Multicolored Fluorite Bracelet made of 12 mm Beads

  • The purification of the Multicolored Fluorite is done in distilled water.
  • It is simply recharged in the sunlight.
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