Drop shipping of semi-precious stone jewellery

Drop shipping: Sell our jewellery and stones on your website

France Minerals: Your French drop shipping wholesaler of jewellery and stone objects

France Minerals is a drop shipping wholesaler based in France that sells natural stone jewellery, raw and polished objects as well as natural minerals. On request, we are able to provide perfectly adapted custom jewellery.

A white label drop shipping supplier, France Minerals handles the logistics from ordering to delivering without you needing to intervene with the end customer. Our products are for merchants, e-retailers, occult shops or bookstores wishing to boost their turnover without investing a single penny!

Drop shipping with France Minerals allows you, as a distributor or reseller, to market our products, jewellery and natural stones without investing in any stock, and to ensure delivery to your customer.

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Discount granted for the drop shipping sale of semi-precious stones and jewellery: 30%

Discover all the steps and benefits of drop shipping natural jewellery, objects and minerals with France Minerals:

Benefits of drop shipping

  • No product purchases
  • No stock problems
  • No logistics
  • No cash flow problems
  • New products to expand your range

Drop shipping Terms

  • Discount granted: 30%
  • White label: Yes
  • Logistics: Order processed within 24 hours
  • Customer Support: Interaction only with the reseller
  • Minimum amount per order: None

France Minerals drop shipping programme pricing policy

  • The reseller or distributor must have rates at least the same as that of the site www.france-minerals.co.uk.
  • The reseller is free to sell products at a higher price.
  • This is because we do not want any unfair competition among our resellers and prefer total transparency for your customers!

Drop shipping process


products ordered by your customers on the France Minerals store. Add them to your basket.


your discount at the bottom of your ‘basket’ page. The 30% discount is applied automatically.


your customer’s contact information so that you can ship and deliver your white label order.


your order as soon as you finish adding your customer’s products to the shopping cart.

Drop shipping program for natural stones, jewellery, objects and minerals

  • Terms and conditions: They are applicable to our drop shipping program and can be found at the following link
  • Photos and visuals: Available only if you have subscribed to our drop shipping program
  • Texts: All our content and texts cannot be duplicated. However, you can take inspiration from them and rephrase them.
  • Dispute management: see terms and conditions

Convinced by our drop shipping program specialising in stone jewellery, natural objects and raw minerals? Subscribe directly via the above form and we will review your application as soon as possible (typically within 24 hours/48 hours). For further questions, please contact us directly. You don’t have to do anything with our drop shipping process. Your customer places their order with you and we take care of the rest until it is dispatched with tracked delivery (tracked letter, Colissimo or Chronopost).

As a drop shipping wholesaler of semi-precious stones, France Minerals also provides its resellers with fully customized jewellery if needed. Does your client have a specific request? We will try our best to meet it through our drop shipping program, whether for women, men or children. All our bracelets and necklaces are made in France and can be custom-made. Don’t hesitate, apply for drop shipping and sell our products on your website.

If you need additional information, please contact your semi-precious stone wholesaler. We respond in less than 24 hours.

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